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Hello there - that's me - Birgit - BritJet - sewloony
Hello there - that's me - Birgit - BritJet - sewloony

Hello there - it's me - Birgit aka BritJet - a (sew-)loony (single) mum from the Alps. 


2014 my little prince  turned my life upside down. Since then I query myself  about all  the believes and views of the world. And  suddenly I was  a: MUM. What a  tornado of changes this small, unbelievable heartwarming munchkin brought into my life.


Thanks to Leon I was able to feel myself again. The first few hours have been amazing  - the little one jumped right into my heart. The first time alone and he stared at me with his big blue eyes and smiled. 

Thanks to him I started to sew (again). Xmas 2014 my first (actually second - I received my first when I was in secondary school, but this one soon moved on to my Granny) sewing machine moved in. 


And then, one thing led to another - when you become a mum your view of the world changes and other topics and things become more interesting. You realise. You try. You question. You don't just accept. You start to explore everything again. 


Here I don't just write about one topic - I write about anything  and nothing. Limiting to a single topic: not possible. I am simply to keen to know. 


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Let's explore the world with my little Leon!

Hello there - that's me - little Leon
Hello there - that's me - little Leon

Hello there - it's me - Leon - the little price, who turned the life of my mum upside down - but only in a good way.


2014 almost 3 weeks early I arrived on this earth. ... and since then I explore the world with my mum.  


Often I order my mum to sew for me. I choose the fabric and tell her what I want. But it also happens, that my mum sews something for me and then I should wear it - even though I don't like it at all :-D Lucky me, that I have my own spirit.


Mum and me are really good friends. Most of the times we have lot's of fun together . But there are other times when I drive her nuts. :-D


My mum even inspired me to learn English - I love it.


And then there is my blanket  - it's the ONE thing ,apart from mum, I need. I got it from Mum's oldest friend Nina - what a great gift if was!