Fotoshoot by Bad&Bold, Sandra Mira Photography
Fotoshoot by Bad&Bold, Sandra Mira Photography


Whatever it is - it  is better in the WIND


Only in 2012 I discovered my passion of riding bikes. It was almost like love at first sight. 


The first tour at the riding school up on the pass was simply amazing. An indescribable feeling of freedom. 


Suddenly the world around me changed.





I love it. Even if I am taking a break right now. Someday I will be back on my own BritJet and hopefully cruise with my son Leon in the back throughout the world.  


Keep on riding! xxx



I loved to combine my passion with the zeal with organising projects. Here I show you some of my project's I worked on. It was so much fun - over all the people and the stories behind the bikes were so enriching. 

2015 it was the 10th edition of the Triumph Tridays - therefore we planned something special!


FUEL BESPOKE MOTORCYCLES - actually specialised in old BMW's - but taking the challenge to customise a Triumph  (Thruxton).


The motorcycle should look like a speedway vehicle. 


Karles, head of Fuel, is organising the SCRAM AFRICA - an absolutely awesome roadbook-rallye thorugh the desert of Marocco.  


Shooting organisation.

For the Ride - by Jimmy Cornett & the Deadmen

Photo: Sarah, me, Katja Poensgen, Babila - RAUR, Nati & Chandiru
Photo: Sarah, me, Katja Poensgen, Babila - RAUR, Nati & Chandiru

2014 the TRIWORX-Team and numerous famous customizers & great people of the motorcycle   scene    headed to Sardinia to produce two awesome music clips with and for Jimmy Cornett & the Deadmen.


It was a blast.

The streets are fantastic to ride.

The food was awesome.

The people were great.

The weather was nice (most of the time at least).


And the result is absolutely worth watching! 

T14 by Unique Cycle Work

2014 the Triumph Tridays project bike was built in Italy.


UNIQUE CYCLE WORK  transformed    an old Triumph Meriden into true poetry on two wheels. 

Marco Pucciarelli & Vincenzo Innella  did an excellent job. 


I was organising the shooting and the travel, as well as accompanying it with my camera. 


Location: Polla - somewhere in southwest Italy.

Comin' Home - by Jimmy Cornett & the Deadmen

2012 - after the big succes  "RAISE THE DUST" TRIWORX produced something new. 


"Comin' Home" invites you to take tours in Tyrol or around. Spoils your appetite & sprinkles your soul with breathtaking scenery and hospitality.


You will stay the night at "hell", where you will be fed as well - our Tourguide Hellmut is not only handeling the screwdriver but also the cooking spoon.


Watch and dream!