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Pants: #meineLudwig by #LotteundLudwig
Pants: #meineLudwig by #LotteundLudwig


SEWING    - it's a  lot like MAGIC.


IT's a wonderful, but also time consuming hobby. 


In secondary school I liked to sew (even if I'd have preferred technical crafts), but as soon as I owned my own sewing machine, the passion was gone... and the sewing machine moved  in with  my Granny (who liked that very much!). 


... and then came   LEON - and the forgotten passion returned. It is such a good feeling to creating something wonderful out of a piece of fabric. Something individual. 

A garment.

A bag.

An accessory.


Everything is possible. Every challenge is taken. New things are learned.  New fabrics are tested. New patterns. 


And it is such fun and is my meditation to relax from my life. ALTHOUGH when I think about it, I often get busy, 'cause I am a fast sewer, and if something takes more time, I want to finish it... but then there is Life 1.0 and it doesn't always work out the way I want to. But there are worse things... Big-time-whining. :-D


ENDURANCE - not really one of my strong  suits... but my sewing machine and me go already back a couple of years...  and still I am not bored... a good feeling ...

maybe finally I arrived where I supposed to be? Who knows...   

At the end of 2016 I started my "career" in the world of "sewing". 


Since then I am doing a lot of testing for:


- Schwalbenliebe

- Die Wilde Matrossel

- tragmal

- Nähkind

- Textilsucht

- Runenstein

- jojolino

- Lotte&Ludwig

- Schwalbenliebe



- STAY WILD-collection by nähstoffreich

- Pfauentanz by Zwirnpiraten

#Elisabeth by #konfettipatterns
#Elisabeth by #konfettipatterns